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Born out of a passion for exceptional coffee and an unwavering dedication to exceptional service, Grit + Grind's coffee trailer has been crafting smiles, one cup at a time. Our team of coffee aficionados is on a mission to create unforgettable moments, brewing perfection with every cup. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional coffee experiences at your events. Whether it's a corporate meeting, a wedding celebration, a vibrant festival, or any other special occasion, we roll in with the finest coffee and a warm, inviting atmosphere right to your location.


  • Coffee Selection: Offering a variety of premium beans, espresso, brewed coffee, and signature drinks shows a commitment to quality and a diverse coffee experience.

  • Expert Baristas: Skilled and friendly baristas can significantly enhance the overall coffee experience, making customers feel welcome and ensuring top-notch service.

  • Customized Experience: Providing a personalized coffee service that can match the event theme or branding adds a unique touch and makes each event memorable.


  • Corporate Events: Elevate your corporate gatherings with our premium coffee trailer, offering tailored coffee services that leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.

  • Weddings: Enhance the elegance of your wedding day with our charming coffee trailer, serving the perfect brew to delight your wedding guests and create memorable moments.

  • Festivals & Food Fairs: Join the excitement at local events and festivals by indulging in our artisanal coffee creations, prepared fresh from our mobile coffee trailer.

Trailer Rental


  • 5 min

    Quoted after booking
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